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am a mommy of twins so this is what I think,1) LV Bloomsburry PM ($950) - hands free, durable, cannot get dirty... something all mommies need.LV speedy 40 ($800) - handheld but it holds everything and the kitchen sink. I use is when I go visit people's house. But not good for shopping w/children.LV Petite Noe ($1000) - I love this bag. Classic and hold a lot.2) Black Chanel Classic Flap - never goes louis vuitton replica


I would guess it's a speedy (damier/ azur/ mono) or neverfull? BH??? since they're collapsible.....Come on..i want to see your baby!!!!!!!!!!I am waiting <tap tap tap> hehehehe lv bag


I dont think the PM size will be too big for your height at all!!! It'll be perfect. louis vuitton handbags

Happy birthday and congrats on all of your new family members...I have the Monogramouflage speedy too and LVoe mine! That was a great choice! louis vuitton outlet

It looks great with the long gold chain! Congrats! lv bags


I too, was discouraged by the long strap.I stopped using it with my Eva and am using it for the Brea instead! louis vuitton wallet

,BB is small. I vote for PM. The Amarante is gorgeous! louis vuitton bags,

BLack epi Speedy 30 louis vuitton replica